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Red Rocks Advisors maintains several strategic partnerships with firms that provide critical insight specific to the construction industry.  These partnerships allow Red Rocks Advisors to ensure your challeges are met with the best and brightest minds in the industry. 

Builders Campus
Builders Campus provides web based training for construction professionals.  Classes are available both live and on-demand.  Subjects range from project management to business development to leadership.  Click here to find out more:

Leap Financial
Leap Financial provides ownership transition advise to firms in and out of the construction industry.

Spike Leadership
Spike Leadership is an organizational effectiveness and leader development firm created to help people maximize their individual and organizational leadership potential.  Spike Leadership specializes in working with for-profit companies and athletic coaches and players.

Sharp Capital Consulting, LLC
SCC is a business consulting firm that specializes in providing assistance in the areas of human and financial capital.  Click on
the Services page for a specific listing of consulting services that we provide to our clients.

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